We Specialize in Dental & Medical Billing Solutions

Triton has developed several medical billing solutions that address the most common medical billing issues faced by physicians and facilities alike. 

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Triton Medical Solution 

Specializing in medical billing, revenue cycle management, commercial contracting, Medicare contracting, and practice management consulting.


We strive to provide a superior customer experience and we thoroughly understand the unique needs of our providers. Our streamlined system can be deployed with minimaldisruption to your practice.  


By partnering with Triton Medical Solutions, we will work together to help you: increase profitability, patient volume, the number of services you provide to patients, and help you better serve the medical community in your area. We provide a full spectrum of services that allow you to focus on the clinical aspect of your practice and most importantly, your patients.

Full Pre-Authorization Services

We have personnel that can do full patient eligibility and coverage determinations. Guaranteed Pre-Authorization Solutions

Reliable and Diligent Staff

Our employees are HIPAA certified and are trained to protect PHI. Our employees are also checked against the OIG

Monthly Status Reports

We offer monthly status reports to our clients. This provides a no hassle solution at the end of the month.

We Specialize in Dental & Medical Billing Solutions

We offer full practice management software and comprehensive training for your team.

Triton Medical Solutions is a full-service company for dentists wanting to bill medical insurance.

We specialize in billings for dental sleep medicine, TMJ, CBCT or oral surgery.  Triton believes in Full Revenue Cycle Management. Our specialists take care of everything from Verification of Benefits, Pre-Authorizations and Medical Billing, to the follow ups (i.e. denials or appeals). Our team includes a contracting & credentialing specialist that assists with insurance practice enrollment, commercial and Medicare contracting, NPI linking, as well as reimbursement negotiations.  We offer full practice management software and comprehensive training for your team.

Medical Billing For Dentists

Insurance Contracting

Claim Revenue Cycle Management

Medicare Contracting

Dental Billing

Dental & Project Consulting

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Open Mon – Fri

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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What Our Patients Say About Us

“It is such a delight, a treat, and a privilege to be working with your organization. With someone that has the professionalism and knowledge that you bring. It’s awesome. It’s fantastic. A tremendous asset to all of us trying to waddle our way through the morass of insurance. I just want you to know how much I personally appreciate having someone of your caliber and the organization you bring with it to assist us.”

Dr. J. Robison, DDS DDS

“As a practice that is limited to treating sleep apnea and TMD, Triton has been an invaluable partnership.  Not only were they instrumental in helping us obtain contracts with most of the local medical insurance plans, they are also always quick to answer any questions that may come up.  They have a dedicated team that is on the forefront of the ever changing scope of medicine.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to have a consistent and reliable partner in medical billing. ” 

A. McDavid, D.D.S. DDS

“It has been a few years with Triton. It has only improved. The support is fantastic . Both technically and billing. Even patients have called and asked questions that have been answered to satisfaction. It is quite a learning process to bill Medical Insurance. Triton has made it all possible.”

Dr. S. MacDonald DDS